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Friday, May 08, 2009


Who knew there was such a nice beach so close to Boston? Well, I'm sure lots of people know, but for me the charms of Wollaston Beach in Quincy were a fresh revelation. Boston doesn't always showcase its waterfront location as much as it could, but here were beautiful ocean views, a nice stretch of sand, and at least four seafood stands to choose between for your lobster, clam, and ice cream needs.

I took a stroll there today with a friend who lives south of "Boston proper," and is thus more familiar than I with the ins and outs over there. This shot shows how close we were to the city. The sun was really hot, especially considering that just a few nights ago it was cold enough to turn on our heater, and the water was as smooth as glass.

After a sweaty walk along the water, who's up for a hearty meal of fried seafood? I am, I am! We chose Tony's Clam Shop, a 40+-year-old family business.

Tony's ran like a well-oiled machine. Lobster-shaped beepers lit up and vibrated when our orders were ready.

In spite of these lobster totems, I did not order a lobster roll, although I was as tempted as I am anytime one is on the menu. They looked generous and yummy, too. However, today I was in the mood for the (slightly) more economical fried clam roll, which also turned out to be generous and yummy. And the fries were notably crunchy and crispy.

A grand day out by the sea, almost without leaving town.

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At 5/08/2009 8:37 PM, Blogger RBG said...

The Somervillain graces the almost South Shore with her presence! Glad you enjoyed Wollaston beach - I too was surprised to find it, almost three years after living just a few minutes north. I still can't get over those lobster-shaped beepers. Nice touch, don't you think? I feel like we might need to return for a lobster roll sometime - when is prime lobster roll time again? Late summer??

Oh, and as to your last post, I love the little pillow you found - so clever...

At 10/22/2014 3:56 AM, Anonymous fifa14kk said...

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