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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Lovely World of Egg Coddlers

I may not have had the time or attention span for crafting in recent weeks, but I can still show off the charming work of others. My friend Christina gave us a pair of china egg coddlers as a wedding gift, and along with it, a beautifully collaged little booklet, part instruction manual, part celebration of the art of egg coddling.

The inspiration ...

... which then becomes Egg Coddlers, the Book. Can a movie adaptation be far behind? I love the way the fruit motif of the paper perfectly echoes the design of the original china, without being an exact copy. How did she do that?

Admire the real wax paper wrapper layer on that stick of butter!

Helpful suggestions to make your coddled egg even tastier.

Bubbly textured white paper bubbles out of a pot of simmering water. I love the way the brown paper works as a background for this project.

Lovely coddled eggs are made even lovelier with the addition of toast and coffee.

The end! Yum.

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At 9/29/2008 11:17 PM, Anonymous dolin said...

I didn't even know what an egg coddler was. Now I want one. Have you made eggs with the coddlers? How did they turn out?


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