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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring Tote

My aunts and cousins in Michigan had a bridal shower for me last weekend, and among the many lovely gifts I received was this adorable canvas bag hand-painted by one of my aunts. I love the cherry motif (my secret rockabilly side loves things decorated with cherries) and the three flower buttons sewn across the top are so cute.

My aunt currently sells some of her things locally but I'm hoping she might someday consider learning the ways of Etsy or something similar. When I was describing it to her she got skeptical as soon as I said the word "computer," but once I mentioned the minimal commission they charge, her eyes lit up, like, "maybe I should figure out this computer stuff after all."

That's our cat Bruno drifting through the frame; I think he knew he would look good next to all that red and white.



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