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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Eight-Armed Copilot

At the age of 35 I'm a bit of a late blooming new driver, so when I acquired my first car late last year I wanted to find something friendly to hang from the rear-view mirror and keep me company. For whatever reason, a purple crocheted octopus was what I immediately envisioned, though I had never seen such a thing before, and figured it would be impossible to find, as with everything else when you're specifically shopping for it.

So imagine my sense of triumph when I found just that at December's Bazaar Bizarre in Boston. I mentioned this amazing coincidence to the crafter who made him as I paid for my purchase, but she just looked at me quizzically. Moments later I discovered why: there was another heap of crocheted octopi on a table right across the auditorium, and a quick search on Etsy confirms that the genre is anything but under-represented.

Still, mine is by Pepperberry Crochet, and to me he's the best crocheted purple octopus in the world.



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