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Seven Hills

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Rome of the Northeast

I was recently told that, like Rome, the city of Somerville contains seven hills, each with a name (in some cases several).

Central Hill
Mount Benedict or Plowed Hill
Cobble Hill
Prospect Hill or Mount Pisgah
Spring Hill
Winter Hill
Walnut Hill, Strawberry Hill or Clarendon Hill

I had heard of a few of them, as they serve as names for neighborhoods, but the fact of seven hills was news to me.

The comparisons to Rome probably end there, but it is impressive - seven hills seems like a lot for this not-very-large town. Looking into the topic a little further, I learned that good chunks of a few of the hills were removed for landfill, which might explain why I hadn't noticed all of them.

Seven hills. I like it, and I'm appropriating it. Thanks, City of Somerville!



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