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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Lobster Roll Diary

In addition to its blueberries, Maine is also known for its lobster rolls (in fact my Maine friend showed me a copy of a book about childhood summers in Maine, titled "Lobster Rolls and Blueberry Pie"), so on our visit there I was hoping I might get a chance to try one.

However, we had surprising trouble finding a reliable purveyor. On the way to the beach, we passed a small general store with a big "Lobster Rolls" sign tacked to the porch. Unfortunately, two additional signs were placed directly above it, stating with equal enthusiasm: "Bait" and "Sand Worms." Not appetizing. A hand-painted sign further along the road directed customers to the "Lobster Shed" up a dirt driveway and behind a run-down ranch style house. Also not our kind of place.

We finally settled on a fresh fish and produce market in the artsy little town of Hallowell, a shop where live lobsters frolicked reassuringly in a spa-sized tank of water behind the counter. The owner's son prepared the mayo and lobster mixture while we watched, and there were no sand worms or bait to be seen.

The verdict: perhaps a bit overly bready due to the enormous bun, but otherwise perfect. Excellent lobster-to-mayo ratio, good rich flavor, generous chunks of lobster.

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