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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dancing Horses

This do-it-yourself mural has become a sort of landmark for us on the way home, signaling the bend in the road when we're almost to our neighborhood.

I love the flying braids of the girl in the middle, and the serene "we love horses" expressions on the faces of all the riders. You can tell the artist was probably going through a Horse Phase at the time of this painting's creation.

I also like the choice of pastel palette for the composition, giving it a sort of magical beast effect. For this reason, we call this the Pegasus Corner, "Pegasus" said in an ecstatic way, with an exclamation point: "Pegasus!"

Around the corner on the same fence, another painting of a more somber subject, though no less charming:

Note Nicky's dazzled goggle eyes - he's as surprised as we are that he's sprouted wings and is floating up into the sky. Those other kitties crowded around the edges of the frame are Nicky's earthbound soul sisters and brothers (names noted in smaller letters beneath the Nicky banner), fondly joining in honoring the memory of Nicky, the cat who went to heaven.



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