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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Swanning In

It's definitely spring in the Public Garden: the swan boats are out. My primary association with this local attraction is the Boston-area young adult author Lois Lowry's book "Taking Care of Terrific" (best take-away: the Boston Ritz has a great public restroom), but I am aware that beyond this reference the boats have a firm place in the Boston tourism firmament.

Our six-year-old flower girl is determined to visit them this weekend, so as I was walking through the park today I stopped to check on the operating hours. All systems go, apparently, as long as there are at least eight adults, "to weigh the boat down," as the attendant informed me.

It's nice to know this is one of those cases where the adults are essential to workaday operation, and not just embarrassing tag-alongs to child-specific entertainment.


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