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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mod Lob

We saw this guy in a tank at Faneuil Hall, waiting out his fate as a Maine Lobster Pie with admirable style. He stayed up on his tippy-toes like that, as though there might be special clemency for lobsters with outstanding posture.

A quick word on Faneuil Hall: a sort of "Taste of Boston" food court, it was something I had always avoided in the past, wondering why the poor tourists were told to go there when there are so many restaurants where they could get a real meal, right there in the city of Boston. But I admit my mistake - it was actually really good. Pizzeria Regina and several seafood stands caught my eye, but there was plenty more. Had I but known when I worked downtown that a fresh pot of lobster bisque awaited me not ten minutes away ...


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