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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Took a Quick Trip to NYC ...

... and here are some things I saw ...

Shooting stars over Union Square:

Leafy streets in Park Slope, very "Squid and the Whale." (Also, noticed that "The Squid and the Whale" was playing at almost every movie theater I passed in Brooklyn and Manhattan.)

Pretty things from Brooklyn boutique (and Lucky magazine favorite) Castor & Pollux. For other Lucky readers, here's the scoop, girls: cute shop, great stuff, but mostly really pricey, and one of those tiny places with like two racks of clothes. Also, as far as I could tell it's sort of on the fringes of Park Slope gentrification, so I felt a bit self-indulgent shopping there. It's across the street from a Salvation Army store that's posted signs saying, "No shoplifting - the police station is right around the corner." Let's just say it's a little hard to picture Lucky editor Kim France making the subway pilgrimmage to hit the racks as she claims to.

Night skaters at Bryant Park:

Ciao, New York!

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