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Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Goeth All in Pink

For a long time I had this poster in my office (I love British transport posters, both new and vintage). And while the poem declares that spring "goeth all in white," around here she seems to be favoring a rather rosier wardrobe.

I've been feeling pity for my waterlogged Bay Area friends and all the rain they've had to endure, and after reading this lament for the absence of spring's "pink-flowered glory," I thought I would share a few vicarious April thrills.

This tulip magnolia just about knocked my socks off as I walked to the hardware store a few days ago.

The clouds might decend here, too, but they can't dampen the spirits of this avenue of pink ladies.

A pink azalea with bursting yellow forsythias.

This little tabby wasn't pink, but her name was Lily.

Best springtime illustration award? William Steig's "The Amazing Bone."



At 4/18/2006 1:01 PM, Blogger JessRedRose said...

Pink trees! Beautiful. It's nice & sunny today here, so I am going to stop whining about the weather. Unless it gets too hot and bright.


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